Inner Mongolia Zhonghuan Solar Material Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Zhonghuan Solar Material Co., Ltd. was jointly established as a high-tech enterprise by Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd(accounted for 48.72%). and its wholly owned subsidiary Tianjin HuanOu Semiconductor Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (accounted for 51.28%) in March 10, 2009. It is engaged in green renewable energy solar cell monocrystalline silicon materials industrialization projects. The company was named a high-tech enterprise in 2011 and a provincial R & D center in 2012, and was named the autonomous region intellectual property pilot enterprise and the 12th Five-Year manufacturing industrial informatization model in 2012. The company has 1 patents, another 5 invention patents and 2 utility models are being processed.

The company has completed Phase I, Phase II and Phase II expansion projects, DW Phase I project and become the global leader in technology, product quality and the largest efficient photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon wafer supplier in production and sales volume. The company is preparing project Phase III and the total investment is about 4 billion yuan.

It’s expected at the end of the 12th Five-Year (2015), Zhonghuan PV’s capacity will be enhanced to 4GW/year and the industrial scale will rank the world's top ten. and become the global leader in solar material manufacturing enterprise.

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