Silicon Industry

In 1988, it is one of the first companies who produce the monocrystalline silicon used in solar power generation;

In 2000, the CFZ czochralski float-zone monocrystalline technology was developed first in the world.

In 2002, the first Φ6〞float-zone silicon monocrystalline was drawn in China, making the company become one of the only three companies who mastered the technology.

In 2004, the FZGD was invented.

In 2006, Φ6〞<110> monocrystalline without malposition was developed first in the world.

In 2007, Φ8〞czochralski monocrystalline was drawn.

In 2009, the first Φ5〞gas fixed monocrystalline was drawn.

In 2010 IGBT was industrialized using Φ6〞float-zone moncrystalline silicon, filling the vacancy in domestic.

In 2011, the technique of auto-growth of float-zone crystallines’ shoulders was initially invented first in the world.

N type solar silicon moncrystalline with high efficiency was drawn and industrialized.

Acquired the 02 Technology Speicial appointed by the Ministry ofScience and Technology and draw the first Φ8〞float-zone silicon mono-crystalline in China.

In 2012, the advanced czochralski special orientation silicon monocrystalline was developed.

The DW diamond wire crystalline wafer cutting technique was invented.

In 2013, the stable generation of 8 inches gas mixed monocrystalline was realized.

In 2014, the production line of 8 inches polished wafers went into operation.

The CFZ technology was successfully used and industrialized in solar field.


Semiconductor devices

In 1998, high voltage semiconductor rectifier devices with advanced level were independently researched and developed.

In 2004, the production and marketing of plastic packaged high voltage silicon pile and microwave high voltage silicon pile ranked the first around the world.

In 2008, the production line of Ф6”and 0.35 micrometer power semiconductor was set up and the MOSFET of C edition, Q edition and UNI edition were invented with a leading level in domestic.

In 2010, series products of power Schottky rectifier devices were developed and their technology together with the production and marketing were ranked forefront in China.

In 2012, the 1200V20AIGBT with trench gate NPT type structure of the fourth generation was successfully developed (IGBT).


Introduction to key projects

The production line of 6 inches and 0.35 micron power semiconductor device is one of the major industrial projects in Tianjin in 2007. This production line has perfect MOSFET/SBD IGBT/FRED/ TVS processing technology, which is one of the most advanced power production lines around the world, being capable of production and manufacturing of power integrated circuit. With 6 inches 0.35 micron power device, the main products are power integrated circuits and VDMOS, Trench MOS, SBD, FRD, IGBT series power discrete device.

This production line can be used to do research and development work on IGBT and to verify the IGBT with zone melting silicon material. The company has rich experience of developing and producing semiconductor power devices as well as a full set of technology from chip manufacturing to product packaging. At present, the company has successfully implemented the industrialized technology of producing six inches IGBT with float-zone mono-crystalline silicon materials and 1200 v IGBT Trench.

As one of the 20 major industrial projects of Tianjin in 2008, it has finished the production line of Φ4-Φ6" large diameter float-zone mono-crystalline silicon and its polished wafers, realized core technologies of corrosion, back abrasion, back closure and polish, reached the industrialization of the large diameter float-zone silicon polished wafers with a high quality and also ranked the leading level in domestic.

Its related products have been widely used in many important fields such as national large-scale water conservancy projects, the high-speed rails of national grid project, electric cars and hybrid vehicles as well as green energy-saving industry.

The industrialization project of green renewable energy solar cells with monocrystalline silicon materials is one the major projects in Hohhot in 2009. The techniques, including using monocrystalline silicon, monocrystalline growth technique with high drawing speed, crystalline growth technique with multiple charging and diamond wire cutting technique, are initiative in domestic. At the same time, is has developed and industrialized the key technology of preparation of solar battery N type crystalline as well as DW ultra-thin and high efficient solar silicon wafer processing, which lays a firm foundation for the differentiation and makes a leading position for the products and company.

National scientific special Great Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment and Packaged Technology----02 Special project:Float-zone mono-crystalline silicon wafer industrialized technology and domestic equipment development. Meeting the manufacturing demand for high pressure and high- power IGBT chips, this project develops the technique of producing float-zone mono-crystalline silicon wafers with Φ6~Φ8〞 in diameter, satisfying the need for float-zone silicon mono-crystallines used in 1200V-6500V IGBT chips. In 2011, the first float-zone silicon mono-crystalline was produced in China, which broke the foreign enterprises’ technological monopoly of Φ8〞float-zone silicon mono-crystallines. In 2013, the first Φ8〞 float-zone silicon mono-crystalline at national advanced level was produced in Chinese devices, which not only met the growing need for IGB but also in favor of solving many major technical problems in domestic float-zone industry and building an union among float-zone silicon materials industries.

The 8 inches silicon polished wafers are researched and industrialized by the company by using new technology and importing technology detection equipment such as silica back edge sealing machine, polishing machine, single side polishing system and silicon sorter. The 8 inches energy-saving power device with independent intellectual property and technology of producing large scale integrated circuit with silicon polished wafers are widely used in power electronics industry, including consumer electronics, industrial control, new energy, smart grid, rail transportation and large industrial facilities. It promotes the development of energy-saving power devices and new power electronic devices, realizes the industrialized production of high-end materials as well as meets the international need for high-end float-zone silicon wafers.

CFZ float-zone mono-crystalline silicon and diamond wire slicing project. This project mainly adopts the technique of producing monocrystalline silicon rods with high purity and efficiency by using CFZ technique by independent research and development. By using CFZ, the cost of float-zone neutron irradiated monocrystalline and float-zone aerified monocrystalline are greatly reduced, which means the products can be widely used in existing float-zone and semiconductor with low resistance. Meanwhile, they can expand the market of czochralski at IC level for their sound quality and low cost. In the field of solar energy application, as they have the characters of low oxygen and carbon content, high purity, long lifetime and anti-radiation, they can improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells with monocrystalline silicon, reaching a degree of 24%-26%.