Brief Introduction of Company

Zhonghuan (SZ002129) is committed to semiconductor energy saving industry and new energy industry as a state-controlled high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, management and venture capital business. It has a double industry chain of unique semiconductor material-energy - efficient semiconductor devices and new energy materials - efficient photovoltaic power plants.

Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is the listed company of Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code in 002129. The company devotes itself to the energy-saving industry of semiconductor as the state-owned holding new high-tech enterprise integrated with scientific research, production and operation as well as venture capital investment. It has the unique double industrial chain of semiconductor materials-energy-saving type of semiconductor device and new energy materials-efficient photovoltaic power station. Currently there are 5 new high-tech enterprises, 1 key new high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan and 4 provincial scientific and research center and 1post-doctoral scientific and research station subordinated.

With “Low Carbon and Sustainable Development” as the guiding principle, the company devotes itself to the energy-saving industry of semiconductor and new energy industry. We pursue automated management, differential production innovation. We devote to promote the whole industry’s development on the condition of our own rapid development. We aim to reward shareholders and contribute society. Our products are widely used in fields of smart grid transmission, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, wind power inverters, integrated circuits, consumer electronics, aerospace, solar power generation etc.

The main product power and electronic devices using semiconductor zone melting monocrystalline silicon wafer ranks the world's third in overall strength and shares 18%of global market (over 75% of the domestic market); its photovoltaic monocrystalline research and development takes a leading level globally, and it has developed efficiency N-type DW silicon featured by conversion efficiency greater than 23% and CFZ-DW (Czochralski FZ) silicon featured by conversion efficiency of 25% and zero attenuation under independent intellectual property rights.

Since 2012, the company, together with the United States Apple,SunPower and competitive local enterprise of Inner Mongolia province, Sichuan province, have developed and constructed a 7.5GW photovoltaic power station and a 3GW photovoltaic power station in Inner Mongolia province, Sichuan province, respectively by taking full use of abundant local solar energy and several world-toping technological innovation of all sides, and using a business model integrated with localization system building and power station development. We will join hands to explore nationwide and global market.

The company focuses on strategic emerging industries, makes efforts to become an enterprise " environment-friendly,loved by staff, respected by the society and trusted by customers". It adopts market-oriented operation, the country-wide layout and globalized business layout, and maintains sustainable development.