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HUAXIA CPV is committed to efficient photovoltaic system manufacturing and providing efficient solar photovoltaic solutions as a joint venture integrating solar photovoltaic research and development and manufacturing and efficient solar photovoltaic power station construction. The company has a unique “seven-time concentrated” efficient solar photovoltaic system.

HUAXIA CPV (INNERMONGOLIA) POWER CO., LTD. (referred to as HUAXIA CPV) is jointly invested by Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., USA SunPower, Inner Mongolia Electric Power (Group) Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Jinqiao Economic Development Zone in Saihan District Hohhot Economic Development Zone in November 2013. It is engaged in efficient solar photovoltaic system research and development and manufacturing and efficient solar photovoltaic power station development and construction.


The company produces " seven-time concentrated " photovoltaic power generation system by utilizing Zhonghuan’s the world's leading wafer production technology and the world's highest conversion efficiency battery technology of SunPower. It also develops and builds highly efficient and low-cost photovoltaic power generation systems by take advantage of the system, the geographical advantages of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and localized PV industry chain with the aim of developing and constructing 7.5GW efficient photovoltaic power plant in Inner Mongolia and then extending to the world.

The company is positioned in strategic emerging industries, adheres to the concept of "China's new clean energy revolution leader - Cooperation makes dream true" so as to become one among the top in China and in the world.

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